47 1/4″ x 15 3/4″
Acrylic on Canvas

My soul has instant expression in my latest liquid abstractions.
The creative emotional satisfaction brought by the liquid technique,
is always a new experience, much is a process of discovery,
whilst carving through thick textured acrylic, and letting myself flow with music,
the joys of the inner child emerge whilst brushed lines travel across the canvas, morphologically binding colors.
Technically I have evolved over the years, but my aim today is to create interesting acrylic texture,
where light refracts strongly, with contrasting carved gestual strokes, and mostly, a full color palettte.
Potentially the liquid transformations and twisting patterns are infinite, much like a cosmic creation,
generating different feelings and never-ending forms.
Whilst as a figurative painter, I was painting abstractions within the figure, today freed from the silhouettes,
the liquid abstractions create in me the same emotional feelings of Love, Beauty, Truth and Goodness,
infinite emotions that have no limit, like an abstract painting open to the imagination.