Through the years, Ray Plockelman has forged a close and lasting bond with the unique ora and fauna of natural Florida. A fourth generation native, Ray has devoted his life to exploring, capturing, and conserving its unspoiled landscapes and wildlife species.
From childhood, he has explored the deepest recesses of the state’s diverse biosphere. As a freelance photographer, he has captured images of ethereal beauty for publications across the country. As Sanctuary Director and Warden of the Audubon Society of the Everglades he has actively helped to conserve Florida’s natural wonders so that future generations will be able to enjoy them.
But throughout all, there was Ray Plockelman the Painter. Exhibiting talent from a very early age, Ray has spent decades meticulously paint- ing the scenery and wildlife that have always given him joy. It’s a subject he knows well, and in each painting we see a re ection of his passion and knowledge for the beautiful state he calls home.
When not painting, Ray is an avid birder, author, and historian.

Author : Barbara Womelsdorf